Ultimate comfort at your fingertips

Luxury at your fingertips, an electric adjustable bed will soothe aches and pains, giving you the good nights sleep you deserve.

The idea is simple: The spine and body are flexible. Give them flexible support – a truly orthopedic one that adjusts automatically to each individual body and how it moves. No more tossing and turning to find a comfortable position since the bed adapts to the body at any position.
The upholstered base holds a fully adjustable profiling frame that can be raised and lowered to your desired position providing you with additional comfort and independence. The unique frame incorporates 28 sprung slats that conform and adjust according to the applied pressure whilst providing you with relief and relaxation throughout the night.


This shock-absorbing foundation allows for better support of the spine and for more comfort at the same time. The slats are flexible laminated beech-wood strips attached to 3-D spring elements on the side rails. The spaces between these slats allow the necessary ventilation for self-cleaning of the mattress, which means fewer allergies.

lux pod

Deluxe Pod System

Or opt for the deluxe pod version which gives you more control over the comfort your expecting from your bed.  Each pod has its own firmness setting which is easily adjustable to suit your needs.

Enjoy a relaxing sleep every night

An adjustable electric bed allows for your ideal sleeping position, distributing your weight evenly and will provide the required support for your whole body.

A bed that moves quietly and effortlessly into infinite positions, an adjustable bed is the answer! Adjustable beds are a great option if you have back, mobility or sleep problems, or if you simply want the luxury of being able to move your bed into different positions to make watching television or reading more comfortable. Coming in various sizes, colours  and styles, our adjustable beds can almost certainly cover all your needs.